Solution Support

Solution Support focuses on organisations that want to be assured of adequate support on their middleware environment. This means that we do not only provide support on middleware software, but also on the foundation on which this is built, the so-called integrations. To be able to guarantee adequate support, we ensure that we are fully familiar and up to date with all the solutions run on the platform.

Reactive support

Proactive support

Within the agreed support window we are on hand to provide support when it comes to middleware related matters. This form of support is often used by organisations that want to perform simple administrative tasks individually, but want to be able to fall back on the knowledge and experience Copernicus has to offer.

This means that there are different checks carried out on the system in the morning and in the afternoon. Any problems can be detected in this way so that escalation of the problem can be prevented. In this form of support we mostly make use of automated monitoring and alerting.

Support window

The support that we offer ranges from on-call support to day-to-day and during office hours support up to 7/24. For level-1 issues, we always have a response time of 30 minutes which means that we are able to resolve the issue or offer an appropriate work-around within 30 minutes.

The advantages of our Solution Support

  • Clear Service Level Agreements
  • Guaranteed availability and response times
  • Adequate knowledge of your environment
  • Service window set up according to your requirements
  • Available for both 1st line and 2nd line support
  • Support from the Netherlands, very pleasant in terms of communication

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