Managed EDI

Electronic Data Interchange. The exchange of structured data, according to agreed formats, between computer systems without human intervention. It is the basis for a successful business. This is exactly the reason why you want to do business with your trading partners electronically. Not surprisingly, because both sides work more efficiently, so the chance of errors diminishes and there is a lot less paperwork.

For many organisations, EDI is essential in allowing their processes to run smoothly and often these organisations will put some pressure on their customers and suppliers to also work with EDI. However, many companies have insufficient technical knowledge and expertise to apply successful EDI within the organisation, or simply have insufficient resources available to set up, manage, and connect new trading partners to EDI.


EDI as a Service

Our Managed EDI service is ideal for organisations that want to apply Electronic Data Interchange, but don’t consider it as their core competence and would therefore prefer to use it ‘as a service’. By outsourcing your EDI to Copernicus in this way, you are fully relieved of the burden and can focus your resources on the core business.

Our focus is always on the design and supply of integration solutions that enable various business processes to run as efficiently as possible. We think of flexible and scalable solutions that grow with your changing operational and commercial environment.


Key Features of Managed EDI

  • All message formats and communication protocols
  • Any-to-any mapping
  • Real-time monitoring of the data streams
  • Reporting
  • Helpdesk support
  • Secure and stable infrastructure


Advantages of Managed EDI

  • No investment in hardware and software
  • Available as a subscription-based service
  • Suitable for all business sectors, regardless of the size of the organisation
  • Seamless connection to your business partners
  • Link with trading partners without EDI capability with PDF forms


These clients use Managed EDI

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  • Transcargo
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  • Optimal
  • The VITA Group
  • Brocacef Ziekenhuisfarmacie Logo
  • BIS Industrial Services Logo
  • Base Logistics Logo
  • Autobinck Group Logo
  • Astrazeneca Logo
  • Rulewave - logo
  • EDC Internet
  • Fast Forward Freight
  • Heartland
  • Van Munster Badkamers
  • Nextdeli Logo
  • Intermodal Tank Transport
  • Poels-Janssen logistics
  • UMCG Logo
  • Segers Internationaal Transport
  • Vespo
  • WW Entertainment
  • Logo Metzeler Schaum



We always start with mapping the flow of information by analysing what (external) systems and/or trading partners must be linked, in which we also look at what messages support this information flow. Furthermore, we’ll look at the extent to which the systems involved are accessible to link to.




After finishing the analysis we provide the quote. It is clearly stated which links are going to be developed, the accompanying costs and the costs for the use of the Managed EDI platform. Of course we also include which parts are to be delivered, and when.




In this phase the links (mappings) are developed. A mapping is a piece of software that reads and inbound messaging or file and transforms this to the desired output format. This process usually involves data conversion and data enrichment which makes it possible to apply company-specific logic in the output.




After the mappings are built we set up the information flow on our platform. This means that we start to arrange the data communication, organise the scheduling and ‘deploy’ the mappings on the platform. We do this in a test-environment first, of course, before we go live with the product.


EDI Outsourcing

Copernicus has been setting the tone for more than 15 years when it comes to providing integration solutions tailored for the specific needs of your organisation. In that time we’ve helped a range of organisations to integrate their systems and business processes seamlessly with their various trading partners. Whether you are a large or small company, with our Managed EDI service, you needn’t ever worry about your EDI solutions.

Our customers benefit from stronger relationships with their trading partners, more control over their various business processes and a higher level of productivity. By outsourcing your EDI systems to Copernicus, you are guaranteed a level of support and expertise that is hard to match with an in-house team. This includes matching specifications with your trading partners and application suppliers, the development and implementation of mappings (data links), and monitoring the data streams.


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