Vos Logistics

“We simplify. Whatever it takes.” that is the motto of one of the largest transport and logistics companies in the Netherlands, Vos Logistics. Ever since it was founded in 1944, it has been essential for Vos Logistics to make things manageable, efficient and simple for their customers. And it is clear that they have grown by adhering to that motto, because more than 75 years later, Vos has more than 30 branches spread across Europe.

It is not without reason that people say: "Getting to the top is easier than staying there." They understand this like no other at Vos Logistics, where digital transformation is the vision for the future, with a special focus to digital integrations. As a part of those integrations Copernicus has been an EDI supplier to Vos Logistics since 2011. More than 160 mappings and 150 customers further, Vos Logistics has become more efficient and less sensitive for mistakes.

Curious about the experiences of Vos Logistics with Copernicus, we visited Paul van Ham, corperate IT Manager of Vos Logistics, At the head office in Oss.

What is Vos Logistics?

“Vos Logistics is a logistical enterprise and was founded in june 1944. At Vos Logistics we simply do two things: on the one hand we’re taking care of international transportations, and on the other hand we’re working on new solutions. This means logistical solutions for customers, like warehousing, value-added logistics or home deliveries. 

What is the challenge of Vos Logistics?

“Originally the logistics sector is very traditional. This implicates that we used to handle everything manually. But since a few decades Vos became to understand that if we won’t change and digitalise, we’ll probably miss the boat. This has led to us trying to find a company that could deliver integrations with our logistical partners.

What is the solution for Vos Logistics?

"The integrations that we have build with Copernicus are more than just 'pushing' data from the one system to the other. The integrations support our logistical processes, and Copernicus has learned knows them perfectly and add a lot of value to us, next to their technical solutions. 

Integration platform Niklas

“When I started at Vos Logistics, it was already decided to switch to Copernicus’ integration platform Niklas. And one of the first things I did was re-eveluate Niklas, and see if this product is something that really suits Vos Logistics. I didn’t need much time to figure that out. Niklas enabled us to start small and expand rapidly. It provided us in the need to make quick interfaces with customers and also the protocols that come with Niklas are very complete. This has convinced that Niklas is a perfect match for us. 

Why did Vos Logistics choose Copernicus?

“The choice for Copernicus was made by my predecessor, but I learned quickly why he did chose Copernicus. What we especially appreciate in Copernicus is their customer focus. They have so much flexibility, and you can feel a genuine interest in what we do. Furthermore they always try to think of ways to improve our implementation of Niklas, which is so important for an EDI-provider. 

How is it going now?

“We never experience any problems with our EDI, which in my opinion is the base of a solid solution. But if there are any existing problems we always receive excellent cooperation. And that is what I’m trying to say: Copernicus is one of my favorite providers. They show that they are very interested in what we do and they take us serious as a customer. So I can say I’m more than happy with our relationship and cooperation.

For the future we are very focused on the digital transformation. Implementing automations in planning in international transports and let algorithms do the work. All processes within Vos will change, and Copernicus has an important role in this.