"The great contribution of Copernicus has ensured that we can perform the NierCheck much more efficiently."


What is the NierCheck?

An estimated 1.7 million inhabitants of the Netherlands have kidney damage. And at least half of these people don't know that. Measuring the amount of protein in your urine is the best way to find out if you have kidney failure. With preventive detection of protein in the urine, you can prevent further deterioration of the kidneys, such as kidney transplants, dialysis and cardiovascular diseases, by means of medication and / or lifestyle changes.

Despite the large group of people with kidney damage, there has never been a comparable population study of kidney failure worldwide. Until now. A group of experts led by Professor Ron Gansevoort of the UMCG, want to know if it is possible to do a large-scale population survey, and what the most effective test method for this is. In order to answer this, the experts first conduct a "small-scale" test population study. 15,000 random people in the Breda region between the ages of 45 and 80 are sent this test.

These 15,000 participants are divided into two groups, each with its own test method. One group of participants receives a urethra by post. The researchers expect these participants to collect some urine in this tube and then send it to theAmphia ziekenhuis in Breda. There the researchers of this hospital check the amount of protein in the urine. The other group of participants will receive a package with a folding cup, test strip, color chart and instructions to download an app. After collecting urine in the cup, these participants take a photo of the test strip with the color card via the app. This gives an accurate estimate of whether too much protein is present in the urine. The researchers want to use two different test methods to see which test method gets the most response, which detects most people with abnormalities and which test can be performed at the lowest cost. This test method can then be used for a possible population screening.


What is their challenge?

The researchers of the Niercheck are dealing with a lot of big data streams, simply because it is a research with 15.000 participants. Manual processing of the information in these data streams has got several disadvantages. Firstly because it costs a lot of time and money, while it is a 'trial research' and has limited financial resources. Secondly manual processing creates a higher risk for errors. To cope with these disadvantages it is important to automate as much as possible. And that's why Copernicus came in sight. 

personal information interface

All the participants in this research receive multiple letters, and the right name and address should be on all of those letters. Therefore the personal information of each participant should be interfaced with the right letter.

testmethod interface

7.500 participants receive the app, and the other 7.500 receive a urinetest. How do you make interfaces with these testmethodes and the right letters?

results interface

The results of each and every test should be interfaced with the personal information and the right letter. It is important that this is done securely because the results cannot be mixed up.

Privacy participants

The privacy of the participants is an important point in this research. Therefore the researchers need to work in a protected and safe environment, to which only they have access to. How do you realize such an environment?

What is the solution?


An important part of the solution is the building of a webportal. The workflow of the research is clearly presented in this webportal. In the webportal it is visible which participant is at which point in the workflow. This shows which letter should be printed and send to which participant.

Integrationplatform Niklas

Integrationplatform Niklas was developed by Copernicus to make sure that organizations can easily and automatically exchange electronic data. This exchange can be between internal applications, different organizations (EDI), webshops and cloudservices. And ofcourse for the NierCheck.

KPN E-zorg Network

The privacy of the participants is an important part of the solution. That is why the researchers need to work in a safe and protected environment, which is provided by KPN E-Zorg. They supply a save network that is exclusive to healthcare organizations.