Heartland FPG

Heartland FPG opted our full service package. They can now exchange electronic data automatically with their customers and partners.

“From ideation to shelf, no one gets to market quicker.” Thus is the Heartland motto. And with reason! They understand that fast services are essential nowadays in order to achieve a good competitive position. With EDI playing a crucial part.


Wat doet Heartland?

If you enjoy a regular cup of coffee, chances are that you have used the products of Heartland. For they have been the market leader in the field of coffee, coffee creamers and sweets for many years. And their story reads like a real American Dream: once (1991) started small in Indiana in the USA, but now you can find their products all over the world, with head offices on different continents. And so also here, in Hoofddorp.



What is their challenge?

Heartland's products are available worldwide, with customers such as wholesalers, supermarkets and petrol stations. That is great for the local coffee lover, but of course this also involves the necessary information flows. Information flows that you want to exchange quickly and efficiently. But how? Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the answer. By applying EDI you automate your data exchange, you avoid errors in processing and you exchange digital information at lightning speed. Not only great for Heartland, but also for their customers!

What is the solution?

At the initial meetings, the Copernicus specialists listened closely to Heartland's wishes and requirements. Getting the necessary information so our specialists can map out important parts of the solution, such as: Heartland's data systems and their customers, the various information flows and the required protocols. Heartland NL indicated that it wanted to link the customers to their American Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, which concerns dispatches, orders and invoices. It also turned out that Heartland prefers to have the connections built by Copernicus. No problem, of course, because our IT wonders do no different.

Integration platform Niklas

The Niklas integration platform has been developed by Copernicus so that organizations can exchange data extremely easily and fully automatically. Niklas is the enteprise service bus to facilitate the data flows from Heartland with their customers. Niklas is scalable, made for fast data processing and very reliable.

EDI: managed of dedicated?

In the past, we have noticed that organizations have different wishes when using EDI. Some prefer to be helped with the first mappings, and then take over control themselves. We call this "dedicated EDI". Others prefer complete unburdening, and prefer to leave the linking with the customers to the EDI supplier. Also called "managed-EDI". During the inventory it appeared that managed-EDI best suits the wishes of Heartland Europe. And so it happened that the Copernicus couplers linked all data systems of Heartland's customers to the ERP system of Heartland in the USA. Every time they get a new customer, Copernicus takes action to address these concerns. This is to the satisfaction of Heartland's customers, who now also exchange data quickly and efficiently!

Solution Support

Solution Support is ideal for organizations that want to be helped immediately with possible problems. Through this Support, Copernicus provides a guaranteed availability of one of our specialists with a response time of 30 minutes. In addition, we perform checks on their systems for Heartland several times a day. This is how we track down potential problems without Heartland even noticing!



Copernicus is an experienced player in the field of integration technology. Our specialists know the importance of building flawless mappings. Whether it's about connecting systems, wholesalers, WebShops, fulfillments or transporters: Copernicus stands for quality and we expect the same from our partners.



Unfortunately, there are many companies that prefer to make as much money as possible as quickly as possible, without putting their customer first. Copernicus chooses not to be such a company. We think it is important to create a good and sincere relationship with the customer. In this way we and our customers feel happy with our cooperation.



Do you prefer to build mappings yourself? Or would you rather leave it to us? Do you need 24/7 support, or maybe only during office hours? We like to think in the interest of the customer and therefore offer several types of solutions. This flexibility allows us to tailor the solution to your company's challenge.

What comes next?

It is now incredibly easy for Heartland NL and their customers to exchange digital information. Less paperwork, more efficient work, less chance of errors and a much faster processing are reasons why the customer also finds it extra pleasant to work with Heartland NL. And that is of course good for your competitive position!


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