Our Story

The Beginning

It is March 2000; the century has just passed, winter is over and spring is on its way. But March 2000 is also the month in which colleagues Bob, Frans and Egbert change course. Until recently, the three colleagues at delivery service DHL realised integrations and EDI for countless organisations. But they knew: this can be different. This can be better! With a well-filled backpack of experience, Bob, Frans and Egbert decided to join forces and take up the challenge: Copernicus was born.

After the establishment of Copernicus, things quickly went well. Copernicus developed links with great companies such as Eneco, Lekkerland and Free Record Shop, based on integration platforms provided by external parties. However, the platforms of these parties were causing more and more problems. The pricing models of these platforms were often far from transparent and it was difficult to have no influence on the functionalities of the software.

In order to be able to offer customers the extra functionalities at a transparent price, we decided to do things differently: create our own platform. No dependence on third parties, a transparent price and the functionalities that the customer requires. In 2008, this led to the development of our own integration platform, Niklas. 


"And why did we call it 'Niklas'? Simple, Niklas is a corruption of Copernicus' first name: Nicolaus."

- Egbert Ellenkamp, director and co-owner



The present

The development of Niklas was quite a challenge for us. Where we were previously only an integration consultant, we were now developing a very complicated product. But this challenge has led to the fact that we now have a strong team of developers, a good development strategy and a scalable integration platform.

The business model has also changed considerably over the years. For example, we now sell subscriptions instead of licences and we offer our services in two ways: 'Managed' and 'Dedicated'. Managed is for organisations that want to be completely unburdened. Dedicated is for the organisation that wants to stay in control, with support from Copernicus. This enables us to realise the ideal solution for every organisation.



"To ensure that Niklas is a future-proof investment, our developers are working every day to improve it. Even better to scale, even faster and even smoother to integrate."

- Egbert Ellenkamp

The future

Today's modern society demands more and more electronic integrations. Sharing data quickly and smoothly is therefore essential for many organisations today in order to maintain a strong competitive position. We help our customers with this by focusing on what really matters in the future: providing reliable and efficient integration solutions. Without pressure from external shareholders, we are and will remain a private company. We make decisions that matter to us, with friendliness and flexibility as our watchwords. As a result, we only have long-term relationships with our customers and partners, and we have employees who stick around for years!