How we work

If you are dealing with an integration issue, then you of course need a good integration specialist who offers the right solution. Great that you have found us! Copernicus invests in long term customer relationships, we therefore feel it is important to provide you with the necessary support, from start to finish, and into the future. Our method is always very clear and transparent. It’s nice to know who you are doing business with. We’ll explain how we work:

Introductory meeting

First of all we meet each other and introduce ourselves. In a preliminary meeting we listen to any integration challenges you will be facing and what your requirements are. Based on our knowledge and experience we make a good estimate of the integration solution that you need and what we can do for you. During this conversation, together with you we sketch out a global view of the project and often we can already provide an estimate of the costs based on this.




Upon closer assessment we discuss a number of specific matters, including:

  • The systems or organisations data should be exchanged with.
  • What type of information flow applies.
  • The messages or files this information flow facilitates.
  • Which protocols for data communication apply.
  • Consulting with the customer to determine whether exchange should be based on a ‘Shared’ environment or a ‘Dedicated’ environment.




After the assessment, it is clear to us what is required. On this basis, we propose a quote in which all entries are clearly formulated. Some posts will, where necessary, be equipped with additional details or information. In anticipation of your agreement we are, of course, always available for any questions you may still have.



Development and test phase

On the basis of an agreed schedule, our team of specialists work hard to make all necessary links and deal with all matters related to this. In this phase we always test our work straightaway. After this test you and your clients test the environment to see if all the specifications you require work as expected. Following your experiences we optimise a few things if necessary. As soon as we move on to the production phase, you and your customers are ready to get started with the integration solution provided by Copernicus!




Passing on to the production phase, this is in fact the moment we’ve all been working towards: the delivery! At the time of delivery, after a thorough testing phase, we are convinced that you now have a robust and future proof solution. A good foundation that you can build on for many years to come.



And then…

Of course we will also continue to work with you in the operational phase. We monitor our systems and make sure everything continues to work as agreed. If you have chosen for a dedicated integration solution, we can also monitor your own system, if you want. Now it may be that you still need our help. We will discuss in advance the best possible support agreement that best meets your requirements. So we can take care of both first-line support, as well as second-line support. For more information about this you can visit our support page.

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