Interchange Technology

Is EDI not a main task within your organisation? Let us help you! Rather your own exclusive dedicated EDI platform with you in total control? The choice is up to you:

Full service EDI-platform
Bridging the gap between systems

Flexible solutions for all your integration-challenges

Copernicus has a passion for linking applications, systems and trading partners. Integration is in our DNA! Therefore, we help our customers exchange information and connect with their trading partners’ systems. Keywords that describe our integration solutions are EDI, EAI, Middleware, ESB, REST and Web Services.

Vos Logistics

“The remarkable service, their flexibility... you can tell these guys are genuinely interested in our organisation”

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“The great contribution of Copernicus has ensured that we can perform the NierCheck much more efficiently.”

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Heartland FPG

“Heartland FPG chose the carefree full service package deal. We make sure they can exchange data with their customers and trading partners without a glitch.”

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Why Copernicus?

  • Experienced in the field of integration technology
  • Focus on the realisation and support of middleware solutions
  • Clear and adequate communication
  • Proactive attitude
  • For large-scale and small-scale projects